Hotel Villa Polinesia Bungalows

Kitchenette Suites


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With A/C, TV and hot shower for 2 to 7 people

Suite No. 4 with two double beds



Suite No.2 with two double beds




Suite No.5, one king size bed and two bunkers. Plus One 7 ft. sofa and one 5 ft. sofa in dining area.




Suite No.3 with one king bed




-Cleaning Service every other day, towels and linens

-Air conditioning and Fan

-Hot shower

-Cable TV

-Pots and Pans

-WIFI and city map

-Plates and silverware

-Kitchenette equipped with Refrigerator, Microwave, hot plate, toaster and coffee maker


Pool (9x24') and Jacuzzi





-Downtown, Supermarket and beaches is a 10 minute walk






$38 to 55US per night depending on the season


Jun, Sep, Oct $450US


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Ask for availability:

Juan de la Garza Tel 011 52 (755)115-2043 and (755)554-6453




10% - charge on any cancellation

90% of the deposit is refunded if cancelled seven days prior to arrival date to vacation rentals




There are numerous beaches. Some are still untouched by civilization, other have palapas (straw huts), hotel or similar developments. Each has an interesting story regarding its name.


Las Gatas beach, got its name when Tarascan Emperor Caltzontzin knowing of this paradise where the population was eminently female, decide to make it his vacation spot. He built a jetty to protect his guests from sharks known as gatas. Some say the jetty is a natural coral formation. You have to take a boat to get there from pier a 10 minute walk from Villa Polinesia.




La Madera beach (the wood). Is an easy seven minute walk from Villa Polinesia, was so named because in colonial times, shipments of precious woods set sail from here. Excellent restaurants are in La Madera area like Casa Vieja and Margaritas.



La Ropa (the clothes) owes its name to a vessel laden with fine silks and textiles from Bombay, muslins, damask, Chinese stockings, ribbons, belts, and embroidered silk shawls, which was shipwrecked off the coast, causing most of the merchandise to wash-up onto its shore. It's a 20 minute walk from Villa Polinesia across the hill.



At Villa Polinesia in Zihuatanejo Guerrero, México Vacation Rentals, we are aware of the importance of civilization's impact on nature and looks to integrate the owned properties to it. Ask for long term, daily, monthly vacation rentals, with kitchenette, air conditioned, 7 minute walk to beach. Zihuatanejo Vacation Rentals


Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo integrate the natural colouring of this region. It is extremely attractive and the tropical vegetation is exuberating. There is a large variety of trees; palms, in all of their variations, mango trees, tamarind, rubber, tabachin, banana, almond, palo de Brazil, parota, primavero (spring), and many more which contrast with the enormous cactus.


Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is an experience worth living. The array of marine life is enormous, from tiny seahorses to enormous whales. One can easily observe dolphins, stingrays and turtles, in addition to infinity of small colorful fish. There are Iguanas and crocodiles, as well as thousands of different insects ranging in size, shape and color. There are magnificent birds: macaws, parrots, parquets, seagulls, pelicans, herons, swallows and flamingos, not to mention exotic animals such as panthers, deer or "tecuanes" (a kind of tiger), who have sought refuge from civilization in the nearby hills.



Temazcal Steem Bath


Temazcal is an ancient Mexican tradition founded on the four elements to cure body and soul. Temazcalli or Temazcal means little steam house, impregnated with mint scented herbal teas. After the bath you can shower with fresh water or you can be received with a blanket for a reborn ritual nap. The Temazcal is more than just a steam bath, is a ritual that really detoxifies body, mind, emotions and feelings! An unforgettable experience!

Temazcal (Mexican Steem bath) Click here

Sessions: Sundays 11AM





Flowers are plentiful, in explosive colors: red, pink, orange, white and fuscia bugambilias; golden "copa de oro"; tulips of red, pink and yellow, white iris and bertas, and bright orange cactus flowers.

Some are scented, others scale the walls, and still others adorn the trees.


Their fragrances mingle with the iodine and salt aroma of the ocean, while the crocus encompass all shades of green, yellow and red, and ferns cover everything in green.

The tropical climate is extraordinary. There are no sudden changes in temperature.


At Villa Polinesia Bungalows, like in other vacation rentals, you can enjoy the perfect blend with nature and modern commodities like air conditioning and hot water. The sunny beaches, the clear, warm water, and the sunrises and sunsets are unbelievably beautiful. It is no coincidence that the human nature has always looked to the sea to find cures for the afflictions of his body and soul.


-Available activities:




Deep-Sea Fishing




Beach Meditation Wed. 6PM





TAICHI at La Madera Beach, Tue, Thu, 7PM




Ki Gong is a type of yoga that includes stretching, outer and inner energy movements, meditation, sensitization for energy all synchronized with abdominal breathing. classes are available Tue, Thu and Sat at 8AM




El Refugio de Potosi. Unprotected Animal's Shelter

Zuhuatanejo Vacation Rentals




Pre-Hispanic Rituals, Archeological Site, and Museum





Fish Market by the beach is a 10 minute walkZihuatanejo downtown




Juan de la Garza Tel 011 52 (755) 115-2043 and (755) 554-6453


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